The Casually Coaching Strangers Podcast

Toronto Life Coach Stephanie J. Marshall gets on a coaching call with an anonymous stranger and they explore what’s holding them back, their patterns, how they are handling the changes in the world, or whatever comes up. Or they might wind up chatting about random things. The coaching call on the Casually Coaching Strangers podcast is unscripted and you never know where it will lead.

Because everyone has a good story if you ask the right questions.

Stephanie is a transformation life coach, speaker, and creates online as well as in-person custom workshops. She is the co-founder of Kickstartology Coaching and Workshops which is best known for the high-impact Alignment Coaching Framework and its group coaching for women program.


Casually Coaching Strangers Podcast FAQ

You want to know about the music?
Of course you do! It’s the intro to Jimmy and the Moon by the Stephen Stanley Band. You need to listen to the whole thing, it’s amazing. Thank you so much Stephen Stanley Band for the permission.

Who can be coached on the podcast?
The coaching session is open to who is dissatisfied with something in their life and is willing to put in the work to change it. Basically, anyone whose life is not perfect.

What is a Life Coach? Sounds flaky. 
Simply put, a life coach works with you to help you get the life you want more easily and faster. That might include figuring out what you want, overcoming obstacles, and building discipline and the right habits (and getting rid of the ones in the way). There are a lot of misconceptions about it so I wrote this article about what a life coach is.

How can I sign up to be coached?
Book a session through Calendly: and the Zoom link will be emailed to you.

How long is the coaching session?
The session will be between 45 minutes and an hour.

What will I be coached on?
You can decide what you would like to be coached on, or we can figure it out together in the session.

Will I be forced to share or discuss things if I don’t want to?

Will anyone see me?
Although our coaching session will give you the option of video as well as audio, the video will never be used. The podcast is audio-only.

How anonymous is this?
You can register for the coaching session with a fake name and no name will be used. If you accidentally slip and say your name, the name of someone else, or mention a specific workplace I will bleep it out before airing the session. Your voice will not be disguised.

When will my coaching session be on the podcast?
Your coaching session will most likely be released within two months of recording. There is no guarantee that our session will be used on the podcast.

Is this free?

What are the technology requirements?
A decent internet connection and quiet space are required. Once the call is booked you will receive a link for a Zoom internet conference call.

What if I’m interested in coaching but not in being on a podcast?
If you’re curious about group coaching or one-on-one coaching, you can book a conversation here.